This is an introductory training and briefing session for the members of the Advisory Council on Youth 2014-2015

The training course aims to strenghten the capacity of Roma youth organisations in representing and voicing the needs and concerns of Roma young people and in working with Roma young people

Seminar on intercultural dialogue for Youth Leaders and Members of Youth Parliaments during PACE session

European Youth Centre in Strasbourg, France, 29 September – 5 October 2013

Bienvenue dans le stage de formation Maghrébin
Stage de formation de multiplicateurs et formateurs de jeunesse issus de pays Maghrébins (Algérie, Maroc et Tunisie)  pour promouvoir la participation démocratique des jeunes et la culture des droits de l’homme

  مرحباً بكم في الدورة التدريبية المغاربية  تدريب المدربين في المشاركة الديمقراطية للشباب

14/04/2013-  06/04/2013  –الرباط

Training course on youth participation and youth policy development