This module is intended for the Young European Ambasadors (YEAs) interested to learn and engage themselves in combating hate speech. It aims to ensure that the YEAs are empowered to understand the meaning of developing counter-narratives to discrimination, hatred and racism, using human rights language and take action against these phenomena with the public. 

Following the training, the YEAs will have a unique opportunity to participate at various Action meetings, activities, conferences and other events linked with the topic of promoting equality and non-discrimination, countering hate speech and hate crime.

An international training course on education policy making with a focus on articulating more deeply on the cycles of policy making in education for students from disadvantaged backgrounds and embedding core principles and values into policy frameworks at all stages

This is the e-learning platform for the Training course for educational staff of youth centres in the Quality Label Project of the Council of Europe. Enrolment is restricted.

This e-learning platform is dedicated to the participants in the

Youth Assembly of the Council of Europe